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Oct 30, 2012 5:00pm PDT
as possible. and as you see here, mitt romney was in ohio, collecting cans for food for people in -- cans of food, excuse me, for people in new jersey. tomorrow the president will join republican governor chris christie for a tour of damage in new jersey. "nightly news" will continue our coverage at 5:30, in about 25 minutes from now. brian williams goes in-depth. then in prime time tonight at 10:00, a special broadcast on sandy's impact. >>> streets in downtown san francisco are back open right now after a suspicious package was found in the financial district, prompting police to bring out the bomb squad. a suitcase was found dangling from a tree near market street and the embarcadero this morning. nearby buildings were evacuated and a shelter in place was ordered for the ferry building. a bomb robot investigated and found the package to be harmless. the site of today's bomb scare is actually the start of tomorrow's ticker tape parade honoring the san francisco giants. the victory parade is expected to draw more than a million people to the city. nbc bay area's monte francis is
Oct 28, 2012 6:00pm EDT
: and mitt romney has picked up the endorsements of two iowa newspapers that supported obama last time. one that hasn't supported a republican since richard nixon. with the storm coming and the race so tight, both campaigns are trying to bank as many votes as possible in states with early voting. with lines especially long in virginia and maryland. and the campaign goes on. mitt romney campaigning here in ohio today and the president hitting the trail tomorrow in florida and right back here in ohio. david? >> the political storm caused by the hurricane, too. jon karl, thank you. >>> when we come back here tonight, we can't forg other big event of the week, halloween. tonight, one spectacular before and after. look at this pumpkin. in a moment here, you won't believe what it turned into. i have a cold... i took dayquil, but i still have a runny nose. [ male announcer ] dayquil doesn't treat that. huh? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus rushes relief to all your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ sighs ] thank you! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the col
Nov 3, 2012 1:30am PDT
unlikely asian voters, now either directly identifying with or leaning towards governor romney and the gop ticket. and i spoke with high ranking gop grass roots filipino leader, what is this about? and he said, i can sum it up in one word. it's the economy. filipino republicans or maybe filipinos who have been democrats in the past or have not supported the gop are taking a second look because they have been hurt in the four years. but filipino democrats are also arguing, it's intergenerational. >> belva: let's talk about another group. jobs for african-americans, particularly males, poverty rate going up. nothing from those groups in terms of complaints? >> the unemployment numbers of african-american groups definitely being reported about widely, highest since the great depression. what our african-american media monitor base in washington, d.c. was able to glean from newspapers like "the washington afro," the range of black media, you can see from the endorsements, you can see from the kind of reporting they're doing, there is more of an openness in the african-american communit
FOX News
Nov 1, 2012 10:00pm EDT
and in '12, you will have 3% more republicans voting, a 15-point swing. so when you take ohio and the times shows romney behind by 5 and the poll's at least 8 points off, that shows romney ahead by 3. and then, their voters are about 10 points less likely to show up than romney's voters are. then the undecided goes against the incumbebt. when you put the factors together, you are probably looking the a 4, 5 or 6-point win for romney. >> greta: you either are really right or really wrong. we will find out on tuesday night. i am curious, i suppose the same would apply to wisconsin or colorado or any other states, right? >> yes. they are making turnout assumptions that are just wrong. i think they are going to be proven dramatically wrong on election night. i think this will be apparent. i look forward to coming back on your show with a big, massive "i told you so!" >> greta: we'll roll the tape, i promise that. as a matter of fact, i am keeping a list of people i am going to have to roll tape for. thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, from marine to the commander in chief.
Oct 31, 2012 8:00am PDT
governor chris christie later on this afternoon. while the republican governor may be one of the most prominent backers and surrogates of governor mitt romney, governor christie is vocal and public with the praise of president obama and the federal government's overall response to hurricane sandy. that's going to be help that's crucial to new jersey residents because just look at what they're facing. these are some of the newest pictures of the shore. where you can see that entire communities have been washed away, buried in sand or just ripped apart by the force of sandy. home after home, practically washed out to sea, in fact. rivers have just sprung up where previously there was only sand. more than 75% of the jersey shore is actually flooded and more than 2 million customers in new jersey have no power. look at the water still there. unbelievable. six people so far the toll of those who have died in jersey. this is the reality for the state right now. fires springing up looking like gas burning and look at this. seaside heights. one of the communities you are looking at now. that'
Oct 28, 2012 11:00am EDT
richard nixon you haven't endorsed a republican and you do now. i think that in these momentous decisions where maybe even in 2008 newspapers endorsed barack obama and now they're endorsing mitt romney, that's interesting and newsworthy and i think could sway voters. others than that, no. you know the "washington post" is going to endorse barack obama. you know "the new york times" is going to endorse barack obama. >> right. clearly the newspapers matter in local elections and can matter in low turnout primaries. the "des moines register" and caucuses is gold. the argument is it's not just saying, hey, votes for this guy, a newspaper like the "times" makes arguments in favor of a candidacy, which can get picked up by others and commentators. does that just disappear into the echo chamber? >> i think it largely does. i agree with lauren. i would point out that many of these editorials are substantive in their pointing -- they're pointing out important stuff which goes to our last conversation. i'm not sure about the "des moines ridgester's" endorsement. i don't know how many people are rea
FOX News
Nov 1, 2012 8:00pm PDT
vote in nevada and iowa that shows president obama is doing better than mitt romney in those states and those are the states that going to decide the election. >> i think that's because and this is karl rove speaking now not me more democrats ordered voted early than republicans. bret baier will be anchor next tuesday. >> november 6th. >> bill: give you a jump on it for everybody. 19 million. romney ahead by 7% in new york. some of the key swing states the president in the lead. >> right. >> bill: former penn state president graham spanier. >> spanier. >> bill: he is a weasel, right? >> certainly seems so. >> bill: looks that way. he had indications that sandusky was molesting children on the campus of penn state. >> um-huh. >> bill: he did nothing. and now he is charged with? >> perjury, endangering will the welfare of children. conspiracy. failure to report child abuse. this guy spanier in position of power, obviously the president of the university. his story was some dust up with sandusky but i was never told that it was anything regarding a sexual nature. anything of a sexual natur
FOX News
Nov 2, 2012 3:00am PDT
out some way to deal with that. when he was governor of massachusetts, mitt romney worked with democrats. that was a blue state. he was a republican governor, he had to work with democrats, but he successfully worked across the aisle in a bipartisan way and got things done. >> steve: okay. mr. romney has talked about that, how he, you saw him at the debates talking about it, 75, 80% democrats, versus him, the lone republican governor. >> eric: fox news had a poll two nights ago that came out and found that 60% of people polled were interested in the economy and fiscal issues as their most important issues. mr. baker is on target with that. >> gretchen: let's talk about that working across the aisle. here is mitt romney. >> you want to see four more years with washington in gridlock? >> no. >> look, i know that the president wants to see four more years and that's his chant, four more years, four more years. our chant is this: five more days. all right [ cheers and applause ] by the way, i think i'll ask the leader, leader cantor, when was the last time you met with the presiden
Oct 31, 2012 7:00am EDT
republican governor, chris christie. christie is a die-hard romney supporter. but he's had nothing but praise for the president's handling of the storm, which he says is all that really counts right now. >> i don't give a damn about election day. it doesn't matter a lick to me at the moment. i've got much bigger fish to fry than that. so do the people of the state of new jersey. >> reporter: romney, after cancelling eight events in five states, turned a planned rally in ohio into a makeshift aid >> a lot of people will be looking for goods, even though we've gathered these things, as you know. i know that one of the things i've learned in life is, you make the difference you can. >> reporter: it has all of the trappings of a traditional campaign event. you have the stage, the big american flag, the campaign music. lots of romney supporters. but you also have over here canned goods and supplies that people have brought for victims of the storm. romney ignored questions about his views on fema funding yesterday. but during a debate last year, he suggested he would favor turning over some
FOX Business
Oct 30, 2012 9:20am EDT
error, but the fact is that, this momentum that could work against romney in the short run. we only have a couple of days, we have one week before the election and if in fact the republicans begin to get too cocky because of these polls, it might lower the turnout for the republicans, but it is extraordinary, that npr has a poll saying that romney is ahead. >> what's amazing about the poll you're citing 59% of independents are now for romney and a majority of the middle class for mitt romney and 37% of the voters polled believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. it's a striking result coming out of this pretty bipartisan poll. charles: it really is and i think you know what, when they do the history on this thing and romney wins, wait he was able it shift women and independents so late in the game is absolutely remarkable. >> although there is a question, again, as to how the polling has been conducted over the past several months and i don't want to go over old territory, we know the story, but, listening to dick morris who was saying the other night on fox news, that in
Nov 2, 2012 5:00am EDT
president bill clinton and singer dave matthews. and mitt romney will deliver his closing arguments for why voters should elect him. he'll hold rallies in columbus and cincinnati. no republican has ever lost in ohio and gone on to win the election. >>> in madryland, polling centes open from 8:00 until morning until 9:00 tonight. early voting was supposed to end yesterday, but it was extended due to hurricane sandy. >>> traffic backed up for miles at bridges. how new yorkers are dealing with the gridlock to get around the city. >>> the contingency plans being made right now in jersey shore ahead of election day. >>> one of the nationals best players of the season is now a free agent. first baseman adam laroche declined a $10 million option order by the nets. he won his first gold glove earlier this week is looking for a multiyear deal and wants to stay in d.c. sean burnett, also a free agent. burnett also says he wants to stay with the nets. >> we want them to stay. >>> a new starting tight end, aaron paulsen will live up with carolina. and chris cooley is working his way back into the g
FOX News
Oct 30, 2012 11:00pm PDT
or more in favor of romney. probably above 300 elector yil votes. this number tonight would fit that kind of a sweep because i think republicans will vote more on election day that. begins to tell me could be 54, 46 maybe by the time you get to election day. >> we did printout what you said last week in case i needed it. i'll see after election day how close you are. in terms of the storm does that do anything, i think steve hays refered to something like statture gap that he was losing his statture gap. now, this will make him appear more presidential and the opportunity. i don't mean to demean the president or the storm or light of the loss but just the hard reality is that election day is tuesday. >> i think the storm is so big, damage so wide spread and intense, that you know, president is going to, he's hopefully doing his job, what he should be doing. on the other hand the storm is going to dampen some of his turn out of his supporter who's are less enthusiastic. so i think it's kind of a wash. if something really bad happens and the federal system collapses then he'd gaet the
Nov 2, 2012 5:00pm PDT
signed on. that's right. if mitt romney wins the popular vote and barack obama wins the electoral college vote then i think the electoral college will blow up. it will explode. republicans won't stand for that that. >> eliot: jack welch will say its conspiracy. there are other flaws in the voting system. there rampant with the intellectual problems that we have to deal with. >> the point of origin is the constitution which does not confirm the affirmative right to vote. early on the framers passed it over to the states. everything became localized which is why we have 13,000 different voting districts with its own ballot design. ballot designed by count supervisors, while i respect them they're not designers. that's why you get the butterfly ballot. >> eliot: you're being kind to them. you're right by and large they're hard working good folks. sometimes the design errors are simply poor judgment or a mistake. but there are efforts by many people to prevent people to vote. >> absolutely. one of the things that has been so localized ie, chaotic there is too much latitude for cha can
Nov 3, 2012 7:15pm EDT
know. i don't think we have to worry about it in california. i don't think romney will be winning here, but if you help out any groups and any of the swing states, i mean, people are concerned about it, republicans have to win decisively, or democrats will steal it. we're aware of that issue now. the fact that liberals pull out the heavy guns by staying that's racist. it's racist to make sure that the people voting are eligible to vote. that shows how nervous they are about it. they think we're backing down. well, i say it's racist to argue that only black people are too stupid to get a photo id. no, that's racist. thank you, and thank you for coming today. i'll be signing books outside. [applause] >> for more information, visit the author's website, >> all right, i just wanted to make sure you can hear me. got me down? good sound? yeah? okay, good. i didn't -- i wanted to thank clint eastwood for lending me his chair. sorry, clint lost the debate to the chair, but at any rate, billionaires and ballot bandits, how to steal an election in nine easy steps. the story,
FOX News
Nov 1, 2012 1:00am EDT
on your screen. >> i want the republican party to know, if your voter suppression throughout this beautiful country enables romney to oust barack obama... we will burn this [bleep] down. >> so, what do you think? is this ad offensive, effective or something else? go to and tell us. we are back in 2 minutes. if we [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't knowt yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. you walk into conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. we have so much technology in our store to really show the customers what's going on with their bodies. this is your body there. you can see a little more pressure in the shoulders an
Oct 30, 2012 12:00am EDT
job done and could not care less if it's a republican or democrat. i've done it before, i'll do it again. i'm mitt romney, and i appro vethis message. >>> our special storm coverage continues now as sandy hits community as cross the eastern seaboard, in queens a fire tore through this block in far rockaway aseaside community, as refighters rushed to rescue people, scaling buildings to bring them to higr ground the fire spread across rooftops and on new york's long island tonight, thousands of people are without power. many of their homes are taking on water as the storm whipped dozens of miles of vulnerable beachfront property. they are used to northeasters this time of year but nothing like this megacoastal storm. ron claiborne in longbeach, new york in a midst of a blackout. he joins us s by phone. n, what is the latest? >> reporter: authorities in nassau county reporting hunundrs of people trapped inside their homes, narw barrier, low-lying barrier island near ken dart in new york city. floodwaters recreeding but some berms, sd berms thahat were reekted along the southth shore h
Oct 27, 2012 5:00am PDT
very sensible for a republican candidate. >> i want to stay with you, ryan, about governor romney saying this is not completely based on race. >> and frankly, when you take a look at colin powell, you have to wonder whether that's an endorsement based on issues or whether he's got a slightly different reason for preferring president obama. >> what reason would that be? >> i think when you have somebody of your own race that you're proud of being president of the united states, i applaud colin for standing with him. >> let me read you the statement that came from john. colin powell is a friend and i respect the endorsement decision he made and i do not doubt it was based on anything but his support of the president's policies. but that's not what he's saying in that sound bite. he said back on october 4th to andrea mitchell, that what we saw in the first debate was the president being lazy and incompetent. what place does this have in this conversation, if it's about issues? why are we hearing that from the national co-chair of the romney campaign? >> john sununu is a surrogate who
Nov 2, 2012 9:00am PDT
told us today that he does not think republicans can retake the majority unless mitt romney wins the white house at this point. >> wow. so much is unexpected. so many surprises along the way. it will be fascinating to see what happens in the balance of power. dana, thank you. good to see you. >> thanks. >> as mentioned, both mitt romney, president obama laid out their visions for america exclusively on earlier we asked you whose vision do you think is best? well, here are some of your responses up next. ah. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. do you churn your own butter too? what? this is going to give you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier sure does who are you? [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. five delicious cooking sauces you combine with fresh ingredients to make amazing home-cooked meals. ♪ ambiance [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. your head-start to home cooked. but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels
Oct 31, 2012 10:00am EDT
new jersey gov. chris christie on the campaign trail on the republican side, mitt romney, three stops today. including jacksonville, with jeb bush. we have that live for you at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. head of that, joe biden who is campaigning today throughout florida. three stops including one at 3:00 p.m. eastern. we will have that live at 3:00 p.m.. in ohio, rob apartment and the governor traveling across the state. encouraging early voting there. in ohio. they stop and i part of our live coverage today on c-span. >> let us get the album that document the family during a white house years. and before. part of the coolidge family papers, we have one box that is just photographs. and several boxes of other documents. photographs are heavy. the albums should be in the back of the box here. here is. unfortunately, it is on a black paper. there's not much we can do about that, we do not want to change the artifacts nature of the album itself. and it is starting to crack, some of these pages are separating. this is a photograph of calvin coolidge the day before he became presi
Oct 26, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. no republican has ever won the white house without winning that state, and this year's nominee is campaigning as if that still is a rule. mitt romney took a break from his ohio marathon and went to iowa. >> we're going to create 12 million new jobs in just four years. we'll see rising take-home pay, and we'll get america's economy growing at 4% a year, more than double this year's rate. >> reporter: the former governor has improved his poll numbers because since the first debate, more voters just like him. >> mitt romney used to be upside down in terms of his likability. well, that's no longer the case. >> reporter: back in lebanon, ohio, a pretty town in the key swing state. >> that's true. >> reporter: these sisters sell furniture. cassie voted for barack obama in '08, but decided to switch after she went to see mitt romney. >> i believed his promises and that he would do his best. and i think it's time for a change. >> reporter: the president ended his campaign marathon in ohio last night, and today is arguing 2% growth in the third quarter, the new number out today, is better
Nov 3, 2012 8:00am EDT
romney took this stage some of his surrogates out here, bobby jindal, john thune, kelly ayotte. that's also a part of what's happening this weekend. all of these surrogates, 100 different surrogates inside the republican party will be fanning out across a number of battleground states to bring the romney message. started to hear that yesterday. the president was talking about the jobs numbers yesterday, describing that in his words as real progress. mitt romney is saying it's not good enough and that the country needs real change, and last night he laid into the president for something that the president said at one of his events yesterday when he said that people should be, quote, voting or said voting is, quote, the best revenge. mitt romney took aim at that last night and said that in his mind voters should be voting for what's best for the country, and so you can hear the gop nominee is getting started out here, his first event as he'll be criss-crossing the country going from iowa to colorado and back to iowa before heading back east. >> jim, stay there in just a second. let's lis
Nov 3, 2012 3:00pm PDT
republican women, are deeply offended by the say sandra was treated by rush limbaugh. >> the whole foods moms who fiscally may go with romney but they think about their daughters and they say the hard turn to the right and maybe they're going to cross that line. >> sandra, you started your year thinking it was just going to a congressle testimony, as big as that was. you ended up at the dnc. before we go to our first break, tell me, if there was sort of one thing that you wanted to say to women voters in this moment, even beyond the issue of which presidential candidate, what is it that you see as that sort of tu chur thing that women voters ought to be thinking about? >> that it's time to make our voices heard. make our voices heard this tuesday and make our voices heard in increasingly running for office after this tuesday. because right now i'm focused on what comes next. i'm focused on what we owe women in this country after we talked so much about them this election cycle. it's time to deliver on their concerns in the next few years. >> absolutely. so, thank you so much for joining us to
Oct 31, 2012 6:30pm EDT
today. the fire brand republican governor of new jersey, chris christie, side-by-side with president obama. joining forces in this crisis. and just as our abc news poll out today shows president obama and governor mitt romney in a dead heat, with five days to go before americans get to the polls. your voice, your vote. and abc's jake tapper has more. >> reporter: hurricane sandy has forced the president to cancel his appearance at seven campaign events. but he may have gotten something more valuable. >> you're going to be okay. everybody's safe, right? >> reporter: the opportunity to lead and be seen leading. today with new jersey's republican governor chris christie a shelter in brigantine, new jersey. >> hang in there. >> thank you. >> reporter: theirs was a most public display of bipartisan ship today, a trait many undecided voters process to love, one sorely lacking in washington, d.c. >> he has worked incredibly closely with me and i cannot thank the president enough for his personal concern. >> governor christie, throughout this process, has been responsive, he has pu
Nov 4, 2012 1:00am PDT
, florida and ohio, and republicans outnumber democrats in colorado. 2008 was a big year for president obama because of early voting, and this time around the gap may not be as big between president obama and mitt romney but romney campaign says they're planning to close that gap on election day. >> ama: thank you so much for that report. >>> if you hope to vote by mail, you may be out of luck. the department of elections will only count ballots they receive by 8:00 p.m. tuesday. doesn't matter if your ballot is postmarked. then. to be recei if you got it filled out but didn't get it mailed, you can take it toker local polling place or turn in an unmarked ballot to a poll worker for a new one. >> stay with abc-7 for complete election results tuesday. get real-time results on abc-7 the moment me the polls close and we'll have live updates all night long. >>> still to come tonight an abc-7 at 11:00, hit-and-run victim shares her story. >> it was very scary. >> the victim was in her wheelchair. tonight the search ifor t stilln for the driver. >>> plus, the world series may be ove
FOX News
Oct 28, 2012 4:00pm EDT
, governor mitt romney and the president. this state is considered to be a must win for the republican nominee who has visited this state more than any of the others. hurricane sandy is threatening to hit millions of americans over the next several days but the country could be feeling the effects much longer than that. we are only nine days from the presidential election. that storm is going to affect where the candidates go, what they talk about and who will be able to make it out for the early voting. molly henneberg has the details from washington. >> some are calling hurricane sandy the october surprise in this year's election. candidates are trying to work around this massive storm while still keeping up the campaign pace in key battleground states. president obama has cancelled a stop in virginia on monday and colorado event on tuesday. he will leave tonight, though, for an event in florida and return to washington to monitor the storm. the white house says the president is getting regular updates on sandy and one democratic strategist says all presidents have to bala
Oct 28, 2012 1:00pm EDT
frightening thought. >> right? no, no, the way the fiscal cliff would get resolve sudden that romney would say yes to tax cuts and would say actually deficits don't matter right now. let's make growth a priority. and because it was a republican president that, therefore, you would have the congress much more willing to go along. wall street at this moment would see that as a positive scenario, stimulus by stealth. >> what i worry about is that neither candidate if they win is going to get to execute their vision, that they're going to be having -- like you marry someone but there are a lot of unruly relatives you never quite realized were there. coming out of the woodwork. and i worry -- i actually think both men acquitted themselves quite well in the debates. but the point is, they're in this larger environment, what is going to go on. i worry we're going to see muddling through instead of clear-cut tax reform, clear cut infrastructure program, clear cut ways to improve education. >> joe, i remember a couple of years ago -- >> i do it every year. >> but a series of wonderful article
FOX News
Oct 30, 2012 1:00pm EDT
democrats, where as what romney is trying to do is ride a wave here and get independents and get others, moderates to come to his side and join an already solid and already energized republican basement for the president every minute that he can't be running vans and sending people door to door to try to squeeze that toothpaste tube is a moment that he needs, and so the concern for democrats -- every projection or prediction they've had all along is they would be able to pull out a narrow victory based on heavy, heavy turn out efforts. they cannot like losing these days. megyn: there is no way that the president can be out on the campaign trail now especially after the criticism he took for going to las vegas after our ambassador and three others were murdered in libya. he cannot do that as a practical matter. he's in the oval office and doing what he needs to do as the president when the nation is hit with a natural disaster as we have been. does that affect people? i mean in an election like this where we've been looking at so many huge issues, 23 million people under employed or unem
FOX News
Oct 30, 2012 11:00am EDT
teleconferences. we're hearing briefing happening here because of the storm. mitt romney staying in ohio. he set up in some of his centers. we heard from the republican national committee yesterday, they're turning some of their campaign centers to collect canned goods and donations as you heard the governor talk about today. we'll keep an eye on all that is happening in the campaign trail. it has become a little bit of a second thought, jon, to what is going on here. here we are, a week away from the election. jon: we have such massive work ahead in this country, it seems, you know, make as political campaign seem a little bit pet te -- petty. jon: the streets are flooded in maryland, filled with debris in many places. a superstorm blitzing the area overnight with wind gusts over 65 miles an hour. ocean city experiencing destruction shn the historic pier on the boardwalk. some say conditions are worst they have ever seen. we have the director of the emergency management services. is there any good news to report, joseph? >> the good news the storm is past us. we're getting the comm
Oct 27, 2012 10:00am EDT
p&g brandsaver. >>> richard mourdock is the republican nominee for senate in the great state of indiana. as mitt romney has said, if he wins, he could be one of the 51 votes needed to overturn obama care. but this week richard mourdock found a way to stand out from the pack, so much so that i thought i'd send him a note. dear mr. mourdock, sometimes i still flinch when i'm touched in a certain way, even if it's the loving embrace of my husband. i can't stand to watch tv shows where rape is the central plot line. and even some seasons of the year are harder for me. those of us who are sexual assault survivors call these triggers. and we spend our lives, the lives that we lead after the attack avoiding and managing these triggers. a congressional debate shouldn't have to come with a trigger warning. but apparently, richard, yours should because in tuesday's debate for indiana's u.s. senate seat you said this. >> i believe that life begins at conception. the only exception i have for -- to have an abortion is in that case of the life of the mother. i just -- i struggled with it mys
Nov 3, 2012 4:00am EDT
are more republicans than voted in 2008. that is the defining question. we stopped by both romney and obama campaign offices today here. i will tell you this, to back up david's point. when i was here at this point four years ago, it was crystal clear and this is a republican part of the state, that john mccain was going to lose, that senator obama was going to carry ohio, and the winner of ohio almost always wins the white house. that is a big open question this time and today, this is just one stop, today, though, anecdotally, there's more energy, more passion, they're working harder at the republican offices because they think they can surprise us on election day and make up that gap. to be clear, the obama campaign has had a lot of time and a lot of money because he didn't have a primary challenge. so this is going to be a test of whether the president spent his money wisely when the republicans were fighting amongst themselves on a turnout operation, but this final weekend in ohio, feels a whole lot different than the final weekend four years ago. >> john, david, gloria, appr
Oct 31, 2012 5:00pm EDT
as a whole, and when you have president obama in his role as president right now and mitt romney kind of relegated to the sidelines right now as the republican challenger, that is an advantage for the incumbent; however, we'll have to see that on tuesday whether or not this had any affect on this at all. >> absolutely, much more on how sandy is impacting the presidential election coming up later in the newscast. thank you very much. >>> and back to some of the unbelievable pictures coming out of new york city. this is the subway station and new york city's mayor said all of the 10 tunnels that carry new yorkers under the east river are flooded. limited subway service will resume tomorrow. buses will be used to make up for the lack of trains running between manhattan and brooklyn. meantime, two of new york's three major airports are back open today. the flights resuming slowly at jfk and newark. laguardia, though, still closed and this ivideo of trucks pumping water from the runways at laguardia. the airport officials are not sure when it will reopen. by the way, if you're flying
Oct 29, 2012 10:00pm EDT
politicizing it for some reason then i think there's an opportunity for romney to score. >> and one of the tremendous ironies about this political season is because the republican party acted in a way that really caused, particularly african-american voters to feel there was a lot of racial -- a lot of nasty, ugly hostility not just toward barack obama but the voters. the obama campaign wound up front-loading so much of their early vote, when i was in ohio people were amped up to get out and vote earlier than they normally would have. in florida, soles to the polls which was cut off, has already happened so the obama campaign, in large part because of the republicans have actually banked more early votes this time than they had at this point in '08 so they've built up like a fire wall while the republicans are left with this to hamper their early vote. >> thanks for joining me tonight. >> we'll be right back with more coverage. >>> msnbc's meteorologist is back with the latest. bill, my one question is, where has the worst already happened? and where is the worst yet to happen? >> yeah. it
Oct 30, 2012 4:00am EDT
on the second and third debate. so the news stories focused really on governor romney's vigorous report in the first debate in which he swung away from being a radical republican which he had to be to get his party's nomination and tried to look like a centrist and i think that surprised everyone including obama. >> he also managed to look presidential in those debates, as well, and that was something that perhaps carried him further in the polls than many expected. and does the storm destroy some of that lead that he gained because obama naturally have the advantages in the situation room, he's managing the storm even if it's not as strong as some people initially forecast. doesn't he reclaim that presidential advantage? >> i think he certainly does. after all, governor romney has no official duties whatsoever. he's been running for president since he left the governorship in 2007. president obama seems to be doing a good job. this is not a replay of bush in new orleans with hurricane katrina. we want to see the power restored as quickly as possible and for the press for say the
Nov 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. >> there are no democrats or republicans during a storm. they're just fellow americans. >> reporter: but the president also returned to his main charge that a romney presidency would hurt the middle class. >> we know what change looks like. and what the governor's offering sure ain't change. >> as the candidates began their closing arguments in the battleground, lines were long for absentee voting in fairfax county. this obama supporter doesn't think any storms will cause any major shift in the presidential contest but hopes there might be a slight lead for president obama. >> because of the storm, if i had to say something's going to get a bump, i guess it would be obama, because he's out front showing leadership, paying attention to the needs of the people. >> reporter: meantime, this romney supporter worries sandy might have sucked some momentum out of the race on both sides. >> momentum sort of disappeared. nobody was really thinking about it. nor did they care for a while. i think it hasn't come back to where it was before. whether that's going to have an effect, i hope not. be
FOX Business
Nov 2, 2012 7:00pm EDT
democrats in toward the republicans. guess what, obama's margin was 262,000 in no way, most of it fueled by a huge turnout in early voting, and that he lost the election day voting to make romney. so this is not a good sign commend i have been watching this trend for a week. the margins are getting bigger. on tuesday it was 150 some odd thousand. now it is larger than what obama won the state by a in 2008. this is a bad sign for president obama, and we see it reflected in the polls as well. if you take a look, allup says 15 percent of the people had voted early. they were breaking for romney by 52-46. this week to reports 19 percent of those surveyed said they had voted. a break for romney by 50-43. obama won the early vote last time around, according to puke, by 19 points or was winning at this point by 19 points and now he's losing it by seven. that is more than enough to flip the election. lou: two things, if we can go back to your board, immediately apparent command one is that there is a 5-4 margin if i read correctly, democrats over republicans in the early vote in 2008 that
Nov 4, 2012 1:00am EDT
people. at the time, the republicans in congress and a certain senate candidate by the name of mitt romney -- [booing] don't do, you have to vote. -- boo, you have to vote. he said bill clinton's plan would hurt the economy and kill jobs. sound familiar? it turns out his math was as bad back then as it is today. by the end of this second term, america created 23 million new jobs. poverty was down. our deficit became a surplus. so we know our ideas work. what about their ideas? we tried those, too. as for bill clinton, -- after bill clinton left, we tried giving tax cuts to the wealthiest americans. we tried to its triple a regulation so wall street and other companies were free to do whatever they please. what did we get? falling income, deficits, and an economic crisis we have been cleaning up after ever since. we tried one way and it worked. we tried another way and it did not this presents a dilemma for governor romney because he wants to go to the same policies that did not work. he is a talented salesman. in this campaign, he has tried as hard as he can to repackage the same id
Nov 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
. >> fair enough. >> yeah. but it's not -- it's not something that republicans working for mitt romney or downabout races are thinking about or criticizing him for. >>> still ahead, nbc political director, chuck todd, and moderator of "meet the press," david gregory. and tuesday night as the ballots are being counted, joe and i will be at the 92nd street "y" in upper manhattan for a special roundtable discussion on the election. go to, for tickets. we'll also have information on our blog. that's tuesday night starting at 8:15. hope to see you there. we'll be right back. >>> vice president biden, take it away, number ten, good things. >> i'm not saying each early voter gets a free cheeseburger, but i'm not saying they don't either. >> see? not saying they do, not saying they don't. number six. >> if you vote early, you don't have to pay taxes. i'm sorry. i'm being told that's not accurate. >> that's not accurate. no. number five. >> single and looking to mingle? >> uh-huh. >> find that special someone in the early voting booth. >> yeah, that's right. numb
Nov 2, 2012 6:30pm EDT
republicans more reliable election day voters, the argument goes, democrats have built up a bank of early votes, ones that make wink those battleground states a tougher challenge for romney. obama campaign officials argue polls of early voters in battleground states suggest their bank of obama votes means that romney will have to win on election day well more than half the votes in key states to win. but the president is not relying solely on early voting or even on this new rekindled bipartisan pitch. in this state alone, diane, president obama and his allies have run 16,000 more ads than romney and his allies. and if that's not enough for you, on monday, president obama will be back here in ohio with bruce springsteen. diane? >> okay, thank you jake. >>> and also tonight, the latest in our brand new daily abc news/"washington post" polls. tonight, the poll gives mitt romney a one-point edge. so, we asked abc's david muir to tell us his strategy for the final stretch. >> reporter: mitt romney bolting through the battlegrounds. today, on the plane, it was the candidate taking pictures. ro
Oct 28, 2012 1:00pm PDT
has now an important endorsement out of iowa. the des moines register has chosen romney because they say it's all about the economy. it marks the first time in 40 years that the newspaper has backed a republican and the presidential general election. meanwhile, president obama has added the "new york times" to his endorsement column, the editorial page listed obama's achievement like saving the auto industry and health care reform as reasons for the endorsement. it he has not backed a republican since dwight eisenhower. >> ohio considered quite the price that could win either condition dat at the house. >> obama is scheduled to leave washington, he's not scheduled to leave washington today in fact he's staying close to the white house because of this storm. >> in newest poll in the state of ohio says mitt romney may have condition to be concerned. as we have said, it's a close rate there, we have asked likely voters who their choice is for president. barack obama has a 50%, a 46% margin over mitt romney -- they both have spent several days in the buckeye state and have more on t
Nov 3, 2012 8:00pm EDT
office from the republican national committee that were meant for brent doster, the republican chairman of the bush campaign who today is the chairman of the florida romney campaign. now, bbc does not allow me to read other peoples e-mails and by the way how did this happen? apparently it was sent by one of rove's right-hand man, and right-hand claws named tim griffith. not the sharpest knife in the drawer which explains why he's he is a congressman today. so tim sent out these e-mails but instead of sending these private combatants of e-mails to the republican, to the web domain,, he sent them to which is the web site owned by my friend. now i'm not allowed to look at people's e-mails if they are accidentally sent to us, and unless there is evidence of criminality. so i brought the e-mails and look, i brought the e-mails to a law professor of robert f. kennedy jr. and he looked at these e-mails and he said, and that quote in the book, they should be in jail. rove, his right-hand man griffin. why? what's going on here? something called caging lists. caging lists
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